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Article: (27 Jan 2024 Updated) Important Announcement

(27 Jan 2024 Updated) Important Announcement

(27 Jan 2024 Updated) Important Announcement

We officially declare that we only have online shops at (official website) and PINKOI designer stores. Meanwhile, we are conducting legal action to obstruct that scam website.  

⭐️The official and authorised online stores list:
✅ Official website (
✅ PINKOI Designer's Store (
❕ ZALORA HK Store ( (closed)
 ZALORA MY Store ( (closed)


(2024.01.27 Updated)

We believe that the scammer doesn't give up on stealing our assets and brand name to continue scamming people. The fake website <polar-polars(dot)shop> is found by our team this month. Please stay alert when you purchase online; we will continue monitoring it and update you in this blog post.

(2023.11.17 Updated)

Recently, we have found one more scam website <polar-polarc(dot)shop>  did the same illegal activities, such as stealing our online assets including product images, brand name and content. Please beware that is the only official online store that sells internationally. 

(2023.08.09 Updated)

Besides the mentioned scam website <cellphonecasesale(dot)com>, we found one more scam website <polar-polar(dot)shop> also stole our online assets, including images, banners, content and even our brand name. Please help us to report those scammers to Google. We will be appreciated for your kindness. Thank you.

Report Phishing Page to Google:

Here below are the screenprints of those scam websites. As you can see they newly bought the domain name in April and August 2023.








Scam Website Warning

Recently we discovered a scam website called <cellphonecasesale(dot)com> to pretend as one of our online stores that they stole all our assets, including website copywriting and images. TO AVOID SCAMMED BY THEM, PLEASE DO NOT BUY and PAY any money to that website.

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